Visit Outlander Filming Locations in Scotland

The award-winning TV series Outlander has taken the world by storm and showcased the beauty of Scotland, encouraging people from around the globe to visit to visit the best wee country in the world. If you’re interested in seeing the locations that feature on your screen in person then we’ve created the perfect guide for you, featuring castles, stately homes and incredible landscapes that you’ll already feel familiar with.

Doune Castle

This amazing castle is near Stirling and plays quite a prominent role in Outlander, so you will have probably have seen it a few times. In the show it goes under the name of Castle Leoch home to Colum and his MacKenzie clan. It’s featured in both the 18th and 20th century. Here beautiful banquets were held with an impressive kitchen and a 100ft gatehouse, and great hall.

Doune Castle - - Heartland Arts


This is usually Inverness in the 1940s in the Outlander series, there’s the guesthouse, The Covenanter Hotel, the Bruce Fountain, Campbell’s Coffee Shop and Fayre Earth Gift Ship, which in Outlander stands in for the Farrell’s Hardware and Furniture Store.

Photo © Bill Kasman (cc-by-sa/2.0)


This gorgeous little town becomes Cranesmuir in Outlander and is the home of Arthur and his wife Geillis Duncan. There are beautiful cobbled streets which will really take you back to 18th century Outlander. You’ll also find some beautiful herb gardens, vegetables and lawns – so plenty to keep you busy.

Culross - - astar321

Highland Folk Museum

This beautiful museum was used for period scenes, both the indoor buildings and the outdoor landscapes. This is where the clansmen take shelter along with Jaime and Claire which is featured in and around the fictional MacKenzie village. The Museum works hard to bring to life the lives of Highland people, so you can imagine how useful this information is to filming.

Photo © John Lord (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Aberdour Castle

This gorgeous castle was used for the French Sainte Anne de Beaupre’s monastery where you’ll find Jamie after he flees. It was also used as the Long Gallery and the Old Kitchen. You’ll find it on the coast of Fife and it’s also one of the oldest castles in Scotland.

Photo © M J Richardson (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Linlithgow Palace

This was once the royal residence of the Stewarts and also the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots. In Outlander its corridors were used and as an entrance to the prison, for Jaime’s imprisonment. Consider the 15th century ruin and its pristinely cobbled courtyard, you’ll get a glimpse of Outlander living, and at the same time a privileged glimpse into Scotland’s fascinating past.

Linlithgow Palace - - Heartland Arts

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