Try Before You Buy… Motorhome Hire!

We had always talked about owning our own motorhome so when we discovered Motorhome Escapes and spoke to Richard (owner) we realized it was the right thing to do, try before you buy!

With his years of experience and his professional manner (and a nice guy too) he introduced us to the motorhome world!

Certainly, we felt apprehensive and armed with a long list of questions, we got to know our chosen motorhome. There’s a lot of instruction, functions, practical advice, common sense, safety and how to avoid accidental damages. It gave us the confidence to start enjoying things after all, we are on holiday!

After a brain overload (me, not the wife) we where soon ready to start living the dream!

I must admit our motorhome looked beautiful, clean and in excellent condition.

We had discussed the best place to stop so our first night was only a couple of hours away giving me enough time to hook up and settle down for the night.

Richards advice kicked in straight away by strategically placing tea towels in the kitchen area to minimise road noises.

The silent motorhome whilst travelling apparently doesn’t exist.

A good start…. onwards

Our Very First Stop

Sat nav to chosen site.

Reception…got our site map (happy with allocated pitch) and found it easier than first thought after driving through the maze of pitches. Going well…. positioned motorhome face out (don’t trust any reversing camera, guided back by Michelle (wife)…perfect!

Now the motorhome must sit level. Didn’t want to sleep on a slope or cook with the oil on one side of the pan. So, to my first time using levelling blocks. (Noticed every other motorhome was using them so it was the right thing to do). Placed yellow blocks in front of each front tyre, got help driving onto them and using a spirit level (I downloaded a spirit level app on my phone technology eh!) Perfect!

Hook up cable in, lit up control pane and within minutes, toasty warm! All that I had listened to was kicking in. Now feeling ultra-confident I was starting to enjoy it all. So parked (safely and correctly) I started to investigate our motorhome. I was surprised, a lot warmer than I thought, it must have been all these chilly caravan holidays years ago).

So being typical, I tuned the TV in and Michelle got to grips with everything else. We then sat with a cuppa and surveyed our “hotel on wheels”, I had everything and wanted for nothing.

Being a fixed bed layout (no making up the bed each night like a puzzle on the Krypton Factor) we knew we had a comfortable night ahead. Our modern-day LED lighting was slowly being reduced as the evening went on leading to peaceful bed time. With the sound of light rain, we both feel asleep. Pitch black, safe and warm. Our first stop our first night, this is for us!

Can’t recommend Motorhome Escapes highly enough, especially Richard Smith.

He was very helpful, even promised to answer his mobile at night if we got stuck. Great touch!

All in all, hire before you invest, it’s such a positive experience, loads of insight.

We now know what layout we prefer and what motorhome we want that ticks most boxes, this one!

I know that Richard also sells them too, we hope this one is for sale!

Good luck with yours

Graham / Michelle