Tips For Picking the Right Motorhome for Your Vacation in Scotland

Tips For Picking the Right Motorhome for Your Vacation in Scotland

If your dream holiday is venturing through Scotland, but you’re struggling to pick just one place to visit, we’ve got news for you – you don’t have to pick! Don’t compromise on location or accommodation – travel in a luxury motorhome for your once-in-a-lifetime vacation in Scotland.

That being said, we’ve heard about a few motorhome & camping car vacations that didn’t go as well as they could have when people have booked from other motorhome rental companies, so we’ve made this list of tips to help you choose the right motorhome (also known in Europe as a ‘camping car’) and avoid disappointment on your well-earned motorhome holiday – as with most things, if the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is!


1.  Check how old your motorhome is

A motorhome rental company might tell you their camping cars are luxury, but to find out if it’s true delve a little deeper if you can – was it just luxury for the 1980s? Or can you expect to enjoy driving in comfort? A motorhome of just a few years old might not even be ideal if it’s been driven a lot, which most rented motorhomes will be. Older motorhomes are more prone to damage and wear and tear – we’ve even heard stories of roofs leaking on people’s beds! Not really the ideal motorhome break – we certainly don’t want any of our customers sleeping in puddles. Thankfully, all of our motorhomes are brand new models in the year you rent them; so you can rest assured when we say it’s luxury, we really mean it! (and you can rest “warm & dryly” assured – we’ve double checked our roofs for leaks too)

2.  Check the motorhome’s condition before you leave

When you hire out your motorhome, you should get the chance to inspect it before you hit the road – if you’re not offered this, we would advise approaching with caution. You normally will have to pay for any damages you cause to the vehicle during your trip, but you don’t want to end up covering damages you didn’t create so it’s really important to do a thorough check of your motorhome before you sign anything! We always give you the chance to inspect your motorhome before you leave, and we ensure every motorhome is thoroughly cleaned and personally inspected for leaks, creaks and everything else before you arrive!

Your beautiful motorhome awaits your inspection!

Your beautiful motorhome awaits your inspection!

3.  Find out if the motorhome rental company offers airport transfers

Another unexpected cost that could throw out your vacation budget is transportation to the motorhome rental company and back to the airport at the end of your trip. Check if your motorhome company offers airport transfers before you buy; if they don’t, you could end up with a surprise (and likely quite large) taxi bill right at the beginning of your trip! Luckily, Motorhome Escapes isn’t very far from Edinburgh Airport if you’d like to take a taxi, or we’ll happily offer pre-arranged airport transfer services for both of the largest airports in Scotland – Edinburgh Airport & Glasgow International Airport. Get in touch with us for our most up to date prices for airport transfers.

4.  Find out if the motorhome rental company allows pets

Unless you are looking to take your trip with the family pet, we would advise looking for a pet-free motorhome. Pets can drag in everything from mud & mites, to dander and other pests, so we don’t allow any pets or animals into our motorhomes. If you want to travel in luxury, and if you have any allergies to pets, you should really opt for a pet-free motorhome rental to ensure your motorhome vacation gets off to a great start.

We keep animals out of your holiday motorhome – but you can still enjoy the wildlife on your vacation!

We keep animals out of your holiday motorhome – but you can still enjoy the wildlife on your vacation!

5.  Find out the number of seats the motorhome has

Just looking at the bedding plan won’t normally give you the full picture of how many can travel in that vehicle; look for the ‘berth’ number to find out how many people can be seated in that vehicle. Remember you need to ensure that everyone you travel with doesn’t just have any old place to sit – they’ll need a seatbelt too!

6.  Read up on the bed sizes – not just the number!

You may be comparing motorhomes and noticing different costs but the same number of beds. This could make it seem like an obvious choice, but we recommend looking further into the 2 different motorhomes before you make any hasty decisions; not all beds are the same size or quality when it comes to motorhomes. Some beds are really only suited to children; so it’s a good idea to make sure you research the model of the motorhome before you book to make sure everyone is in for a cosy nights sleep! The beds provided by Motorhome Escapes are designed to give you the ultimate nights sleep, an exclusive Duvalay Duvalite mattress, with lightweight memory fibre technology in all fixed bed models.

7.  Plan for rainy nights & check the motorhome’s entertainment facilities

Scottish weather can be particularly unpredictable; so if you find yourself indoors on an evening, you might want to ensure you have enough room for entertainment. We would recommend bringing along your favourite rainy day entertainment, and checking that your motorhome or camping car has the facilities to make sure you can enjoy it! Whether it’s board games with the family and enough table room to play, cd players, iPod ports for music, reading lights for book worms or TV antennae or DVD players for watching your favourite films, just make sure you read up on what your motorhome has to offer before you go. Motorhome escapes has you covered for all of these things, you just need to bring along your favourite board game, music, DVD or book! We provide it all – there’s even a HDMI port for the TV in case you want to bring along your favourite game console – after all, we want you to enjoy your motorhome trip to Scotland no matter what the weather throws at you!


8.  Find out what storage space is available

One of the best things about hiring a motorhome as opposed to a campervan is that you can expect a LOT more storage space. However, storage space is still very precious in a motorhome and as with any camping car, compromises on space need to be made to make the vehicle safe to drive. We know that most tourists in Scotland will want to experience a few activities that bring gear along with them – the question is, is there enough room for it all? If you’re planning on biking, make sure there’s a bike rack available so you can easily bring these with you (If you can’t bring along your own bikes, Motorhome Escapes can provide bikes for you too). If you’re looking to hike, you might want a storage space you can keep all of your muddier things separate from the inside of the luxury motorhome you’ve rented. Some motorhomes will have a separate ‘garage’ section designed to keep these kind of things separate. Take a look at our ‘Lewis’ motorhome if you like the idea of having some extra garage space for muddy boots! Luckily, if you’re looking to go on a few bike rides, all of our motorhomes come with bike racks.

9.  Look into how the motorhome drives and what features it offers

We’re guessing if you’re planning a motorhome holiday in Scotland, you’ll want to be driving it quite a lot. Because driving should be as relaxing as possible for your holiday, you should check before you book what features the drivers ‘cab’ covers. Not all motorhomes will have power steering, for example, or rear view cameras for parking. We want to make sure driving is as comfortable, easy and as safe as possible on your motorhome holiday. That’s why you will find every motorhome we offer has power steering, air conditioning, ‘captain’ seats with armrests, colour rear view camera for easy parking, and even a radio & CD player with I pod connection and usb connector. We can even provide satellite navigation devices to help you find your way around Scotland with ease. After all, it’s your holiday, so driving certainly shouldn’t be hard work!


10. Think about what kitchen & cooking facilities you’ll need

Are you planning on driving your motorhome to remote locations? We certainly recommend it, as Scotland has some of the most beautiful outdoor scenery there is to offer! If you do plan on going far away during you trip to Scotland, you should look into the kitchen and cooking facilities your motorhome offers. The great thing about a hiring a motorhome in Scotland instead of a campervan is that you usually get a much bigger, (and certainly with our motorhomes) better kitchen. Has it got a fridge or freezer? How many hobs are there? Does the motorhome rental come with pots, pans, plates and cutlery? All of our luxury motorhomes/camping cars feature 3 hobs (so you don’t have to stick to 1 pot meals!), a fridge freezer so you can keep well stocked up and complimentary kitchen accessories – everything you will need from forks and knives, to pots and pans and even a special chopping board that goes over your kitchen sink to add in extra workspace! Not only do they feature 3 hobs but also a large oven, grill and microwave cooker. You’ll be hard pushed to find a meal you can’t cook in a motorhome escapes motorhome!

11. Find out what extras are offered

Some motorhome rental companies will offer extras with their motorhomes – often they can be nice little things that turn your trip from mediocre to spectacular! For example, if you are travelling to Scotland from outside of the UK, it might be handy if the company offers airport transfers. It would be handy if there are extras like towels and bedding provided with the motorhome; and kitchenware. Some even offer awnings and outdoor seating, outdoor lighting, BBQs and picnic tables so you can make the most of a beautiful evening in the great outdoors of Scotland. Motorhome Escapes offers all these extras and more – enquire today to find out which motorhome is best for you!