Romantic Motorhome Holidays in Scotland – Vacation Location & Activity Ideas

Romantic Motorhome Holidays in Scotland – Vacation Location & Activity Ideas

Sitting under the stars, sipping something bubbly and getting back to nature… it sounds like an ideal plan for romance! If you enjoy beautiful views and cuddling up by campfires, a motorhome trip around Scotland would be an ideal trip for you and your other half.


Here we’ve compiled some great activities and locations we recommend you visit on your romantic motorhome vacation in Scotland:


1. Wild Camp on the White Shores of Arisaig

The west coast of Scotland has some of the most amazing views you can imagine; not only are there stunning mountains to drive through, with breath-taking views of Glen Coe on the way, when you reach the white sandy beaches you’ll feel like you’re in a tropical paradise. We suggest stopping along the shores of Arisaig, so you have a chance to look out onto some of the most spectacular  (and romantic) sunsets out there, while enjoying a glass or two of bubbly in front of your motorhome. You can expect to see all the colours of the rainbow in the sky; and the sea is so calm it makes this scene completely unique. If you look closely, you can even see the islands of Rum and Eig from the shore. We all know weather can be unpredictable in Scotland, but you can enjoy the views whatever the weather in the comfort of your heated motorhome!

To get the best sunsets and the right weather to enjoy the beach, we recommend visiting between May and September. Take a look at what some previous tourists photos of Arisaig beaches here, and you are bound to be impressed!

2. Enjoy a Once in a Lifetime Cruise on Loch Ness

Take a romantic cruise along the beautiful Loch Ness with your other half and experience one of the most beautiful lochs in the world together. You can choose an evening cruise or day cruise from a number of providers; most will take you past the beautiful Urquhart Castle, some cruises even include a visit to these beautiful ruins, dating back to the 13th century. Whichever cruise you choose to do, make sure you look out for the infamous Loch Ness Monster, a lake monster reported to inhabit the Scottish Loch.

There are a number of different cruise providers, but we liked the reviews we found from ‘Cruise Loch Ness’ – just pop PH32 4BD into your motorhome sat nav, and enjoy your day cruising around Loch Ness!

If you want to stick around and explore the loch for more than a day, you can park up somewhere secluded and enjoy the sunset together in the serenity of the Scottish wilds. If you would prefer to try out a campsite for the evening, you will find a few different options around the beautiful loch.

Loch Ness Shores has a motorhome friendly campsite, a beautiful view of Loch Ness and 5 star facilities; and better yet, they’re open all year round!

Trip Advisor has this lovely guide to romantic restaurants around Loch Ness if you fancy celebrating something special, or taking a night off from cooking in your well-equipped motorhome!

3. Take a Magical Trip to the Isle of Skye’s Fairy Pools

If you enjoy seeing natural wonders, and taking incredible photographs, you’ll be stunned at the Isle of Skye; no filters needed for your camera to find beautiful colours here! If you’re looking for a magical location to pop any questions…the fairy pools has got to be one of the most magical places in the world! This stream of waterfalls has earned it’s name; with beautiful colours of bright turquoise and blue sparkling from the smooth stone pools, you can spend a great deal of time just watching in wonder or even take a dip in! It’s a very short walk from the road to the fairy pools – around 15 minutes – so you can stay for as long as you like. Why not have a romantic dinner looking out onto the fairy pools from your motorhome? If you like barbeques, all of our motorhomes come with complimentary barbeques and tables and chairs for enjoying views just like this.

If fairy pools don’t sound like your cup of tea, there’s also many walks with breath-taking scenery in Skye, as well as whisky distilleries and some incredible restaurants.

4. Look out for Harry Potter on the Hogwarts Express – at Glenfinnan Viaduct

If you or your other half is a fan of the films and you’ve visited Scotland, you have to visit Glenfinnan Viaduct. The spectacular bridge features in most of the films, it is the bridge the Hogwarts Express travels over and is truly magical to behold. There’s also the Glenfinnan Monument close by where you can park your motorhome and even visit the monument to find out more about the Jacobites and their rebellion in the 1700s.

If you’re interested in taking a train over the Viaduct, drive to Fort William, the largest town in the Highlands, and take a trip up to the scenic coastal town of Mallaig where you can travel over the Glenfinnan Viaduct just like the Hogwarts express!

5. Watch the Sunset From the Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond

Just like you might have heard in the famous song, Loch Lomond is arguably the most beautiful Loch in Scotland. It is the largest land-locked body of water in the UK and as such offers the beautiful atmosphere of an ocean with a stillness only seen in a lake. This combination makes the views awe-inspiring, there’s certainly nothing quite as romantic in Scotland as watching the starlight glimmer in the reflection of the loch while sipping something bubbly with your other half. The best thing about travelling by motorhome is, you can park up & stay the night wherever you like the view best!

If you’d like to experience the views in a completely jaw-dropping way (and you’re not afraid of heights) you can also take a ‘sea plane’ tour around the loch!

6. Take a Romantic Horse Ride Along the Beach

If you’ve always dreamed of doing a romantic horse ride along a beach, Scotland’s the place to do it! Try out one of Trip Advisors top rated activities, and ride some magnificent Clydesdale horses along the beaches of Ayrshire!

Not only does this farm provide guided walks with the Clydesdales, animal lovers will be pleased to know they have a variety of animal you can see while you’re there; Geese, Hens, Ducks, Donkeys, Alpacas and even Highland Cows can all be seen at the farm after your horse ride.

If you get a taste for the scenery, you can always park up along the coast in the evening to carry on enjoying the view from your motorhome.

7. Become a ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’ of Glencoe, and Take an Award-Winning Tour to Visit Your Land!

Even if you aren’t yet ‘Mr & Mrs’, why not become ‘Lord & Lady’ on your holiday? The Highland Titles Nature Reserve is a beautiful nature reserve where you can purchase some land to help conserve the beautiful Scottish landscape and even gather a title along the way! You can take a guided tour in a 4×4 and even plant a tree together on your plot. What’s more, is you can even camp on your very own land! You might have to discuss where your plot is and the size of your motorhome if you want to camp with your motorhome on the land; however if you bring a tent along you can stay as long as you like! After all, it is your land, and in our spacious motorhomes, you’ll certainly be able to fit in some camping gear if you would like.

If your motorhome is too big for the nature reserve or you don’t have land big enough to camp on, you can always spend the night at Achindarroch Touring Park, which is very close by.

8. Conquer the United Kingdom’s Biggest Mountain Together

Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the United Kingdom. At an impressive 4409 feet above sea level, if you both enjoy new adventures & challenges together, you must climb Ben Nevis on your motorhome holiday in Scotland. Not only is it a story to tell the grandkids, it has some of the most amazing views of Scotland you’ll experience. Remember to pack up a picnic before you leave, as it takes on average of 8 hours to climb (you can carry along some strawberries and champagne if you want it to be a bit more romantic too!). The great thing about having a motorhome parked up at the bottom is – you can take time to recover when you get back down, instead of having to painfully drive anywhere else for the night!

9. Taste Some Scottish Fruit Wines & Ciders

Scotland doesn’t just have amazing whisky to try out – there’s some fantastic fruit wines and ciders too! We’d recommend taking a tour of Cairn O’ Mohr, a quirky ‘wee’ winery that offers all sorts of different fruit wines. One of their most famous wines is an elderberry wine and you can take a guided walk through the Elder Orchards too, which is especially romantic in the Scottish sunshine! If you’re thinking of bringing back some nice gifts for the family, these wines are a wonderful choice.

It’s probably a good idea to remember the alcohol limit in the UK is quite low, so we would recommend parking up and camping in your motorhome in Errol if you visit. Luckily, Errol has some amazing views of the River Tay, so if you go in your motorhome, you’ll be able to park up on the river banks and enjoy some beautiful fruit wines and ciders with your other half while watching the sun set on the silvery tay.

If you have any other romantic trips you’ve enjoyed in Scotland, we’d love to hear about them so we can add the ideas to our list! Book your motorhome escapes holiday or send us suggestions by contacting us here.