Planning The Ultimate Family Motorhome Holiday In Scotland

Planning The Ultimate Family Motorhome Holiday In Scotland

If you’re hoping to give the kids a taste of adventure this holiday season, then a family motorhome holiday in Scotland is the perfect way to do it! You can feel free to explore the unique views and culture that Scotland has to offer, from white sands in the west to rock pools & pebble beaches in the east, all the while keeping the comforts of home with you (in case of any unexpected tantrums!).

Family on a coastal walk across cliffs of Scotland

Before you embark on your adventure, we’ve got some handy motorhome family holiday planning tips you might like to read.

1. Decide what you want to do

There’s so much to do in Scotland that it’s a good idea to decide on your priorities from the beginning so you don’t miss out on something you would have really loved. That being said, pace yourself and be honest with how much time you really have to play with. As we all know with kids, you need to plan for the unplannable too, so its good to keep some extra ‘unplanned’ time before/after activities in case of an urgent scraped knee or unexpected roadworks!


2. Planning Adventurous Activities

Kid climbing the trees in Scotland

There really is something for every kind of adventurer when you’re on holiday in Scotland. From beautiful walks and some of the best golf courses in the world, to off road driving and flying experiences you’re guaranteed to have fun and memorable experiences with the whole family. The best thing about travelling by motorhome is that you don’t need to choose some activities over others; you can just settle into your motorhome and travel to where your next adventure is!

To avoid disappointment however, it’s a good idea to try and plan your activities ahead of time, simply so you can plan the best route for your holiday on the road. Pre-booking with certain organisations is advisable to avoid missing out, and you might even be eligible for an advance booking discount too! Planning a route isn’t always the easiest task, but it gets a lot easier once you know what you’re wanting to reach. Once you know where you’re heading, you can use Google Maps to easily plan your route and get directions – check out this article to find out how to plan your route with Google Maps.

Planning ahead means you can also spend some time reading up on the different options for your activities – as not all adventures are created equally! Here is a handy guide from Trip Advisor on things to do in Scotland, so whether you’re looking to go surfing or visit a zoo, you can find the best place to do it.

Scotland is full of rural spots for great views and adventurous activities, but because of the isolated locations it’s not always obvious where the nearest health care services are in case anyone has any health concerns during the trip. But don’t panic – whether you need to get to a GP, hospital or a pharmacy, visit the NHS website here to find out where the nearest healthcare services are on your route and you can feel reassured no matter where you are, help will be on hand.

3.   Planning for Rest

Grill some marshmallows over the campfire

If you are looking to enjoy a few rest days so everyone can relax a bit, it’s a good idea to plan those days to coincide with some of the more highly-rated campsites on your trip too, so you can enjoy somewhere with good facilities, and lots of space for the kids to run around. Ideally somewhere close to nice eateries – after all, you’re on holiday, you shouldn’t have to cook every day! For a map of campsites for motorhomes in Scotland, you can check out this handy page on Pitchup.


4. Picking the Right Motorhome for Your Family

Choosing the right motorhome for your family is essential before you head out on your holiday in Scotland. It’s important to consider:


You’ll need to decide on the number of beds you need and importantly, who for; many family motorhomes offer adult beds and child size beds. Normally Child size beds won’t really be suitable for teens, so it’s a good idea to check out the dimensions of your motorhome before you rent it. After all, a good nights rest is essential for keeping a grumpy teen happy! All beds at Motorhome Escapes Ltd are adult sized, so suitable for children and adults alike!


Check what level of storage your motorhome offers. If you have infants, you may need a bit more than a standard motorhome offers. Are you bringing any equipment for your activities, like bikes or hiking gear? Our motorhomes have bike racks on the exterior so you can keep muddy bikes on the back and stay clean and dry indoors!


It’s a good idea to make sure there’s enough seat belted seats in your motorhome for the whole family. If you have young children, it’s a good idea to find out if the seats are suitable to fit in a car seat too. Motorhome Escapes can offer child seats and baby seats, for a small fee, but numbers are limited so best to book ahead.


Enjoy some downtime with a tasty barbecue

On a family trip, we all know how much screaming, bored children can dampen spirits; that’s why it can be important to check what leisure items come along with your motorhome. Does it have a TV? Signal can be an issue when you’re on the road, so you might want to look for a motorhome with a dvd player. A radio can always be good for a singalong too! Motorhomes from Motorhome Escapes come with a TV/DVD player and a roof aerial which extends above the roof to increase reception.

Some motorhomes will come with extras to help you enjoy your evenings in the wild; look out for motorhomes with awnings to protect against showers (this is Scotland, so you might encounter a few showers!), outdoor lighting for dark evenings and some will even come with outdoor seating and tables for dinners with a view! All motorhomes with Motorhome Escapes come with awnings and outside light, plus complementary outdoor chairs, tables and barbecue.


Cooking for your whole family can be a joy or a nightmare depending on which motorhome you pick; try to find one with a good amount of work space. Our motorhomes come with a special chopping board that covers the sink, allowing for double the work space! It’s also a great idea to pick a motorhome with a dishrack to avoid breakages on bumpy journeys and a drainer for wet dishes. If you don’t plan on doing 1 pot meals for the whole holiday, it’s a good idea to look out for a motorhome with more than 1 burner on the hob. Motorhome Escapes provides 3 gas hobs, a gas grill, gas oven and a microwave.


Bathrooms in a motorhome are usually rather small, so when you’re comparing motorhomes for your family, consider where your journey plan will take you and who’s being washed! If you’re not going wild camping too many days, you might be looking for not much more than a toilet for those days and plan on showering in campsites facilities. On the other hand, if you are planning on heading over the hills and far away, you might want to check how nice your showering facilities are. Look for a motorhome with a separate hot water system to ensure hot showers for everybody and a bathroom window to let the wet room dry out and avoid mould getting into the bathroom.

We think Scotland is one of the best destinations for a family motorhome holiday; with so much to explore and such a vast array of activities, you’re bound to have a wonderful holiday in Scotland with memories to last a lifetime. To read up on how some families got on in our motorhomes check out our testimonials page here or contact us here if you have any questions or would like to book a motorhome to rent!